Working with us

  • In all its variety and the sum of the unique factors in any fashion brand's success the key to it is in each case s constant development as well as seeking and introduction of new means increasing its competitiveness. Our company is in continuous state of exploration of new ideas, examining trends and innovations and applying it to create effective concepts of business.

    Company's strategic goal is to meet the needs of our customers by introducing up to date product of quality for reasonable money.

    Producing and selling knitted outwear we determined most promising directions in the development of our business under the "TRICARDO" UFA KNITWEAR trademark:

    Women clothing line with sizes varying from 44 to 60. The main principles in our women line are comfort, quality and beauty at affordable prices. Use of natural materials such as viscose, wool and cotton in our clothes allows free movements, combining casual and elegant styles. Our clothing line includes several types of wear: office, casual, leisurewear and festive. A plan considering seasonal varieties was elaborated. A wide diversity of collections allows to renew the display area monthly and makes our trademark adaptable and the best responsive to customer demand which in turns make possible to regulate assortment policy. Competent selection of goods is a choice of products with market potential, harmonious in combination of colors and containing seasonal types of goods in different price ranges.

    Home textile: lap rugs and cushions will serve not only as a cosy decoration of a flat but also as a sumptuous present or a corporate gift. Manufacture of children lap rugs is determined as a separate promising direction. They are produced out of hypo-allergenic materials and designed for children meeting children's clothes requirements.

    Scholl wear: we designed classical school wear collections of ecologically clean organic materials which conform to most rigorous standards. Clothing sets are created according to several principals:

    • Interchangeable items,
    • Multifunctional garments,
    • Items are convertible,
    • Choice of color composition and its combinations based on background researches,
    • Eco friendly, ergonomic and safe garments.

    Several items in clothing sets are interchangeable and can be transformed. They are offered in variations of materials: warp knitted fabric, weft knitted fabric, warp knitted fabric+weft knitted fabric.

    Special orders:
    Several companies being a part of our holding company allow to manufacture special orders such as work wear, office outfits as well as corporate gifts. Software and high-technology equipment make the creation of any design possible.