История компании

By act No 79 of the Bashkompromsovet (Bashkir industry council) presidium in 1939 a dyeing and knitted fabric manufacturing artel (cooperative craft society) named "Trikotazh" (knitted fabric) was founded for the purpose of home industry and production development.

In 1940 new equipment was installed which allowed to master knitted fabric production.

In 1953 by act No 99 "on consolidation and specialization of artels of Bashkir ASSR nonagricultural cooperative" the staff of the artel along with all equipment became a part of Lenin regional industrial plant.

This served as the basis for founding Ufa knitwear factory in 1960 act No 803 of the Bashsovnarkhoz (Bashkir soviet national economy).

In 1963 a separate manufacture "Ufa knitwear factory" was founded.

In 1988 construction of a new factory began in 21, Mendeleev street. The opening was held on March 25, 1993.

In 1995 the factory was reorganized into a joint stock company.

In 2004 the factory turned over a new leaf with changes in a board of directors and elaboration of a large-scale development program. Ismagilova Zukhra Salavatovna became the head of the joint stock company "Ufa knitwear factory".

In 2008 a new three-storied manufacturing facility was built with the total area of over 1600 square meters and auxiliary area of 400 square meters. 26 flat knitting STOLL machines in the gauges 8, 10, 14 were purchased in Germany.

In 2012 a new trademark TRICARDO was created.

In 2013 a new collection under TRICARDO TM appeared.